I haven’t posted for what seems like a lifetime. My nails have for the most part remained immaculate still. So where I have I been and what on earth have I been doing?  Well, with my wedding now only 96 days away and 6 months into a new (proper job) I have found my time […]

Happy Advent. It’s December. I’m totally ready for Christmas. Well not really, more mindset than logistically. But these days that’s half the battle. It will be the boy and I’s first Christmas and we could not be more excited. Next weeks nails will be brought to you during our Christmas decorating party (inside and out […]

So it’s been awhile since I last posted as I’ve had a crazy few weekends. First up moving! Yes we have finally moved into our little haven, we couldn’t be happier. The boy is even more delighted as we now have a huge TV (just in time for the World Cup I keep being told!). […]

Goodness, where is time going? It’s been two weeks since my last post and yet somehow it only feels like yesterday. Most will argue it’s because I’m in the throws of a new love, and if I’m honest they could probably be right. But it has not quenched my love of nails one bit. The […]

This past week has been a whirlwind. With a meeting packed week we have found ourselves in the midst of another weekend (not that we are complaining). Yesterday we went on a holiday for a day, an idea we thoroughly recommend. The concept is simple. You pick a destination and head off there early doors […]

This week it’s birthday #SundayNails as I celebrate another fabulous year. So I turned to Essie Cocktail Bling to adorn my birthday tips. I’ve been searching for a gorgeous light grey for awhile and purchased this one just after Christmas and have been looking forward to trying it out. However I wanted to give it […]

Wow. Where’s has the week gone? Suddenly Christmas has slipped away, sadly with 2 nail disasters too… That’s being back in the countryside for you. So for this weeks #SundayNails I chose a luxe pearly shade with Essie Main Squeeze. This isn’t a new shade but a great staple. I love the iridescent nature of […]

This week I’ve been romping around the Cotswold countryside, so being warm and cosy was high up on my list. With that in mind what other #SundayNail shade could I choose than the gorgeous new Essie AW13 trend shade Cashmere Bathrobe. Like most girls I love cashmere and most of all love feeling Snuggly ideally […]

This weekend has been busy with a fabulous trip to the amazing city of Glasgow, so this weeks nails are a little late to post. We loved Scotland, those sexy Scottish accents and kilt spotting (naturally)… With that in mind it had to be Essie’s Sexy Divide. A gorgeous warm rich purple colour, amazing and […]