November 4, 2016

Nicely Nude 

Hello. Are you still there? I’m delighted if you are and apologise for my tardiness. 
I don’t have an excuse other than my wedding and post married bubble. My bear stole me away and I have not focused on writing for too long now. 

But then a fabulous thing happened. The wonderful Stylist beauty council asked me to trial the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish. Of course I jumped at the chance. 

The concept is a UV gel finish and longevity of wear without the need of a lamp. 

The reality. Well. I’m not sure we will be ditching our UV gel just yet. 

The concept follows that of CND the creators of Shellac, I have blogged about them quite a few times. 

You paint directly on the nail (no base coat) and cure it with the top coat, this is a UV coating but it works with natural daylight. It gets harder the longer you wear it and the more exposure to daylight. 

However it comes off easily. I have blogged about it previously but this is a new formulation. 

My experience using this polish is that the colour is not quite there. The polish formula is really thin and fluid. After one coat the nail is streaky even with the big brush application. Two coats is better but because of the initial streaks you need three coats for a gel like opaque look. Not ideal at all. 

Perhaps it’s the shade as nude colours are never as opaque as darker colours and sometimes you don’t want them to be. But when you are trying to achieve a gel manicure look I think it’s essential. 

The top coat that cures the polish is actually pretty good. Applies evenly and it’s this that gives the gloss shine. However. The downside is that it seemed to take ages to dry. Perhaps this is due to the need for theee coats…

My honest opionion is try a darker shade or stick to Seche Vite. I’m not sure I’ll ever find something that will make me change from this miracle top coat. 

There are positives. The price is good. I got mine for free as they sent them for me to trial but still the price is very competitive. 

The application brush is really good. One / two swipes to cover the nail. 

The colour is reminiscent of CHANEL ballerina and ARMANI nude. 

I would try this again in a darker shade to see if the application is easier. 

What brand are you addicted to at the moment? 

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